Following five days in Sweden where Oscar Propulsion presented and showcased their technology to The Swedish Aerospace Cluster, the Research Institute of Sweden, GKN Aerospace and Saab, the trip culminated in a visit to Skellefteå.

Skellefteå are the early adopters of electric-powered aviation.

Skellefteå has launched the ELIS program with the ambition of becoming an early adopter of electric-powered aviation and a leading hub in its commercialisation in Sweden and beyond. The best way to innovate and push boundaries forward is to collaborate and work together.

The programme invites partners to work with them and to identify joint projects. The program creates the environment for developers around the world to test their vehicles and equipment in real conditions and thereby helps to speed up their development. There is a 1MW power supply available at airside and they are already in discussions with international partners regarding test, development and certification in real conditions.

Investment in battery-electric, hydrogen-powered and eVTOL aircraft increases all the time and the first commercial use is expected by 2023-2025. Under the ELIS program, the plan is to have commercial traffic up and running by 2025, regionally and to Finland.

The ELIS program doesn’t have an end date, but is intended to grow as it contributes to breakthroughs in the research and development of new commercial models for electric-powered aviation.

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