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We are not manufacturers. We’re technology innovators with a passion for blade-based propulsion and the belief that we can help create a better world.

In collaboration with leading UK universities and specialist companies, we discover, develop, test and patent innovative technologies and license their use to global manufacturers across a variety of industries. Experience has taught us that the earlier we are involved in the development process, the more beneficial our technologies can be.

License our technology

Our inspiration

It was a remarkable scientific discovery by our founder David Taylor that inspired the creation of Oscar Propulsion: The technology grew from the Marine side of our business where we were tasked to mitigate underwater noise from propeller cavitation. We developed a technology called PressurePores, a series of small, angled holes on the leading edge of the propeller blade that helps reduce pressure fluctuations.

This phenomenon has led us to develop ground-breaking technologies that deliver more efficient paddles & oars and quieter turbofan aircraft.


Our leadership team continues to build a culture of success that supports growth in all sectors worldwide

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Proven technology entrepreneur with a track record of delivering shareholder value over more than 30 years.

  • Entrepreneur, business developer, and decisive director experienced in scaling businesses and providing commercial-focused leadership.
  • Founding investor in Oscar Propulsion with a deep understanding of the business and what it needs to succeed.
  • Focused on delivering revenue and shareholder return.
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Seasoned non-executive Board Director and Chartered Accountant.

  • Successful executive career as Chairman / CEO / MD / FD in four separate quoted plc’s as well as venture capital-backed and private companies.
  • Raised funds in successive businesses through 5 placings, 1 rights issue, and £15 million in venture capital and leveraged borrowing.
  • Founding investor director in Oscar Propulsion.
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Experienced industrialist with 30+ years’ experience in technology businesses.

  • Director with experience across large multinationals and smaller PE-owned businesses.
  • Invested in Oscar Propulsion in 2018, sharing experience gained from business development and strategy formulation in the commercial marine sector.
  • Strong connections with multiple stakeholders in the marine industry.
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Aerospace industry specialist with a track record in business start-ups and international growth.

  • Over 35 years’ experience in aerospace equipment design and manufacture.
  • Founder of Sigma, an aerospace manufacturing business that grew to six manufacturing sites in the UK and China, with a turnover of more than £50m.
  • Strong connections with aerospace industry and trade bodies.
  • Leading the ongoing development of Oscar’s technology toward commercialisation.
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Engineering Leader with 30 years’ experience in research and product development.

  • A highly-experienced engineering leader with a track record of delivery in the aerospace, marine, defence and energy sectors across all stages of the product life-cycle from research through to in-service support.
  • Previously Group Chief Engineer at Rolls-Royce plc, leading a global function of over 15,000 professional engineers.
  • Non-Executive Director and Independent Advisor working with engineering- and technology-focused businesses on strategy, organisation and technical issues.
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Experienced and effective entrepreneur providing positive, practical and rational advice.

  • Built a successful fibre-optic business and sold it to a NASDAQ company.
  • Continued developing a diverse group of businesses with a wide field of interests, including communications technology, motor sports and whisky.
  • Provides Oscar Propulsion with advisory services as an independent shareholder.