Game Changing Blade Technology –
World Rowing & International Canoe Federation Approved.


Whenever you pull against a blade in the water, it puts a strain on your body. Over the course of a recreational outing, training session or race this will happen many hundreds of times. For competitive paddlers and rowers, the risk of injury is significant. For recreational paddlers, comfort and stability are key.

So, we asked some simple questions: is it possible to reduce the physiological impact of every stroke, improve stability and grip with no loss of performance?

Oscar patented cut technology

The answer is yes.

By meticulously placing angled cuts or slits through the face of the blade, we have been able to transform paddle and rowing blades that

  • are softer and smoother at the catch by providing a more progressive power curve
  • are more stable through the stroke
  • grip the water more easily
  • provide greater control
  • give a cleaner finish, and
  • enable their owners to maximise their performance more than ever before.

And all with no loss of force or efficiency!

How is it achieved?

High-pressure water created on the front of the blade during a stroke escapes round the edges (backflow) to fill the low-pressure area at the back. The cuts allow some high-pressure water to squeeze through the blade. As it does so, it loses energy and becomes low-pressure water.

This compensates for some of the backflow. By maintaining the high/low difference and allowing some water through the face of the blade, the cuts facilitate a progressive power curve making the catch softer and more stable by spreading the power more evenly through the stroke. The user will experience lighter loading on the body with no loss of efficiency. They’ll find it easier to achieve their maximum potential and enjoy shorter recovery times.

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Competitive & Recreational

Every blade-based water sport will benefit. Competitive paddlers and rowers will now be able to push themselves harder and for longer with less fear of injury, and thus maximise their performance.

Recreational paddlers will immediately feel a more comfortable and stable stroke enabling longer outings and shorter recovery times.

This technology is especially important to junior users whose bodies are not fully developed, and seniors who wish to row and paddle for many more years.

For the past five years, we have been developing a patented technique and application of putting cuts through the face of rowing and paddle blades, the primary objective being to reduce the physiological impact on the body without the loss of any force or efficiency and to enable maximum performance.

Our results are revolutionary


No loss of performance or power from the blade
Less physiological stress, enabling maximum performance


Softer lock on
More stable lock on
More secure lock on


Good acceleration
Easier to keep the blade locked on through to the finish
Longer stroke


Cleaner exit


Stroke feels lighter
Progressive power curve
No back pain

Slits can be applied to Dragon Boat and Outrigger paddles with the same positive results.

For the past five years, we have been developing a patented technique and application of putting cuts through the face of rowing and paddle blades, the primary objective being to reduce the physiological impact on the body without the loss of any force or efficiency. Our cuts create a softer and smoother catch, enhanced stability, better grip and more control.

Our results are amazing


Stroke feels lighter
No shoulder or back pain


No loss of performance or power from the blade
Less physiological stress, enabling maximum enjoyment and shorter recovery time


More stable
More secure


More comfortable
More stable

“I am really excited to feel the lock onto water again and power through the boat and blades. I can really see the blades having an incredibly positive affect on minimising the back/ shoulder/ hip injuries elite rowers are unfortunately susceptible to.”

Rachel Morris, PR1 2016 Olympic Gold

“Since using the slitted blades, I have noticed there is less stress and fatigue on my back. The slitted blade allows for a softer catch and therefore less loading on my back and body in general. These blades would seriously reduce and minimise back injuries which rowers are susceptible to. Since using the slitted blades I have encountered no symptoms of back pain.”

Adrian Miramon, World Coastal Bronze and European Gold, 2021

“We notice a much softer catch right from the first few strokes” and “feel a gentler entry.” and “the oar/blade feels more stable through the stroke than regular oars.”

Olympic medallists and European Champions

“Allow you to scull with more confidence - everything locked; no instability; cleaner catch and finish; better buried during the drive.” and “More comfortable to use; stays locked onto the water; finishes are cleaner; makes the boat a more stable platform to work from.” and “Softer catch, less risk of back overload.”

UK Masters

“The slit Aqua Bound Manta Ray paddles have been used by many differed users, junior through to senior. They feel softer, lighter, smooth power progress through the stroke. Feedback is consistent that they are easy to paddle with”

Sam Saunders – Senior Coach, The Leaside Trust

“The more I am using the paddle the more I am impressed. After doing a couple of 20km paddles, I could definitely feel the differences as the blade went through the water, which also relieved the stress in my shoulders and forearms. I also noticed the stability when going against the elements such as the current/tide and wind.”

David Haze – The Nomadic Paddler, @nomadicpaddler 7 world records

“I used it for 25 miles! It felt great on my shoulders. I have shared the paddle and at the end of each sessiom, I asked each person the same question - would they invest in the paddle for their own personal use after experiencing the difference? It was a unanimous YES!”

Karissa Freeman @goingcoastalfl and @karissasjourney

“The slits help reduce the strain on my shoulders. I have been able to use it several times and I really enjoy it! I’m excited to try this out at my next race so stay tuned!!!”

Shannon Lockhart @shannonlockhart_

“I found your new one [slit paddle] meant I was having to put less pushdown on the catch. So, less strain was going into the physio braces I wear on my arms to try and prevent/minimise the tennis elbow issues I have.”

Jo Hayes – Hurricans Dragon Boat Club

“Less fatigue. Despite it being a long session, I felt fairly fresh throughout. Less sore shoulder/back despite paddling for an hour on one side, my shoulder did not ache at the end like it has done doing these sessions in the past. Also, my back did not ache once we had finished. This could be because the loading of the paddle at the front end felt natural and less forceful.”

GB Paddler

“Less effort is required to make an effective catch and having made the catch, it remains in place throughout the power phase of the stroke. It also follows that with a less aggressive catch, there have to be benefits in terms of the reduction of shoulder injuries in the long term.”

Ian Bowers – Wraysbury Dragons
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