What do rowing and paddle blades, aircraft engines and marine propellers have in common? They all stand to be revolutionised by Oscar Propulsion’s Porous technology.

Our fascination with the way paddles, propellers and aircraft aerofoils interact with water and air has inspired us to create revolutionary technologies that will not only improve their performance, but also benefit people, industries, and our precious environment.


By meticulously placing angled cuts or slits in rowing and paddle blades, we’re enabling athletes to push themselves harder and train for longer while reducing the risk of injury.

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Pressure-relieving holes on the propeller blades mitigate cavitation noise and reduce the overall cavitation volume. This innovative approach leads to quieter operations, reduces environmental impact, and maintains high efficiency, contributing to the vessel’s overall performance.

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As our skies become more crowded, particularly in urban areas, the need for quieter aircraft engines will be paramount. Our patented Noise Prevention at Source (NPaS) porous technology provides the answer.

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We are not manufacturers. We’re technology innovators with a passion for blade-based propulsion and the belief that our porous technology can help create a better world.

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