The Future of Paddle and Oar Blades

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Unlock unprecedented performance with our cut blade patented technology

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Welcome To The Future Of Water Sports

At Oscar Propulsion, we understand the demands of competitive water sports and the need for recreational enthusiasts to enjoy their activities without compromising comfort.

For the past five years, we’ve been developing a patented technique – applying angled cuts through paddles and oars to reduce physiological impact and stabilise the action without compromising power or efficiency.

Now we’re inviting you to license our cutting-edge technology

Suitable for any make or model of paddle or oar, and approved by both World Rowing and the International Canoe Federation, our revolutionary approach is transformative, by ensuring optimal performance and reducing the risk of injury.


Licensing Opportunity
For Market Leaders

Our precision-angled cuts offer unmatched benefits, with customisable patterns for various disciplines. From recreational users to elite athletes, our patented technology ensures outstanding performance.

It’s the innovation your brand needs to excel. Licensing Oscar Propulsion’s tech positions you as a forward-thinking leader, shaping the future of paddles and oars. Explore how your products can reach a wider market, enhancing experiences for all users.


“As a crew, I felt our power phases were better synchronised and boat stability improved instantly.”

– Quad, Masters Rowing

What’s in it for you?

  • No upfront costs: Integrate our intellectual property without initial expenses.
  • New blade designs aren’t needed. We can design our cuts into your current product range.
  • Design and technical support: You’ll receive comprehensive assistance for designing and applying our technology.
  • Third-party cutting contractors: Access specialised contractors for precise implementation.
  • Low royalty fees: Pay modest fees per paddle or oar, ranging from £3.50 to £10.
  • Quarterly royalty payments: Enjoy flexibility with payments aligned to your financial cycle.
  • IP protection guarantee: We actively defend intellectual property to safeguard your investment.
  • Simple process: Our proven protocol ensures a hassle-free journey from sample blades to volume cutting.

Enhance your products with cost-effective, supported, and protected innovation.

Innovate with us

Our patented innovation is available to partners seeking the next generation of paddles and oars.


“The cut blade allows for a softer catch and therefore less loading on my back and body in general.”

– Adrian Miramon, World Coastal champion, 2022


The benefits of a cut blade

  • Less stress on the body
  • Softer, smoother catch
  • Greater control & precision
  • Cleaner finish
  • Stability throughout the stroke
  • Maximum power and efficiency
  • Enhanced water grip
  • Move the boat, not the water

“I honestly believe the cut blade aided a faster recovery for me in the following days, by providing
less stress on my body whilst fighting the conditions out on the water.”

– David Haze, The Nomadic Paddler, 8 World SUP Records

The Science Behind Our Success

Our patented innovation is available to partners seeking the next generation of paddles and oars.

During each stroke, high-pressure water on the front of the blade typically escapes around the edges trying to fill the low-pressure area on the back of the blade, resulting in backflow and a loss of energy. However, our technology allows some of that high-pressure water to squeeze through the blade, losing energy in the process and becoming low-pressure water. This strategic approach maintains a high/low-pressure difference, resulting in maintained efficiency, more stability, and better grip. Benefits extend beyond performance to include:

  • Lighter loading on the body
  • Shorter recovery times
  • Reduced physiological stress

Shaping The Future Of Water Sports

Ready to redefine the water sports experience for your
customers and elevate your brand’s status?

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